Mission Righteous Roots provides non-residential client services to help individuals and families in crisis and those that are victims of domestic violence, assault, and anyone suffering from past or present trauma-related abuse. Our service area includes Coryell, Bell, McClennan, Hamilton, Bosque, and Lampasas counties.

“I realized that saying, ‘I’m sorry’ wasn’t changing any behaviors. I had to take action and break the cycle of abuse. My children deserved it.” -A SURVIVOR

Crisis Call Line

We provide confidential support services and information for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors and their friends and family through our crisis call line that is currently accessible during office hours Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PM we are closed between the hours of 12pm-1pm for lunch. 

 If you call our crisis line here are the services you can expect:

  • Intake services for safe house protection and information about supportive services.
  • Information and referrals for survivors and their concerned friends and family members.
  • Immediate assistance in English and Spanish. (Other languages and the hearing impaired are accommodated through a language line.)
  • Emergency transportation for domestic violence survivors to achieve personal safety.
  • Accompaniment to the hospital for SANE examination.
  • Scheduled case management advocacy appointment

Direct Victim Services

We provide  direct victim services including, but not limited to, crisis counseling, crisis intervention, assistance with Crime Victims’ Compensation, legal assistance, victim advocacy, and information and referrals. We assist in connecting crime victims to services for the purpose of supporting or assisting in their recovery.

legal Advocacy

Legal advocacy services are available to all clients. Our advocates are not attorneys, but a resource for legal information, referrals and support. Services provided include:

  • Lone Star Legal Aid Referrals
  • Crime Victims Compensation Education
  • Protective Order Information
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Needs Assessment
  • Legal Information
  • Legal Resources
  • Safety Plans
  • Court Accompaniment

Case Management

We provide comprehensive case management that includes individualized services planning and the provision of connections to mental health, substance abuse, employment, health, housing retention, and similar services. Our advocates meet with victims to assess their individual needs.

  • safety planning
  • assistance in obtaining personal documents like birth certificates, drivers’ license, etc.
  • food, clothing, toiletries, and other necessary items
  • getting children enrolled in school
  • scheduling appointments for mental health assessments, as needed
  • scheduling counseling appointments
  • arranging necessary transportation
  • participation in groups
  • helping with safety planning, job placement and financial planning
  • location of low-income housing
  • making referrals to legal advocates for legal services
  • making referrals to additional community resources

life-Skills Training

Our Life Skills Training services are designed to prepare individuals and families to make positive life decisions. We provide hands-on, individualized life skills training in-home, in-community, and on-site.

Program goals include:

  • Economic self-sufficiency 
  • Interdependence
  • Healthy lifestyles 

Comprehensive support is given to participants through but not limited to the following:

  • Essential life skills lessons such as budgeting and time management
  • Compassionate counseling and peer support
  • Career guidance catered to individual needs
  • Assistance applying for higher education

Spiritual / clergy Support

We offer spiritual support through prayer, emotional support and reassurance. Our spiritual support services are provided by staff, volunteers and consists of local pastors, chaplains, and faith-filled believers that support the statement of faith of Mission Righteous Roots. We also provide additional resources and referrals from your specific religious preference or if you would like a clergy member to visit during your time at our crisis resource center you may call them directly or ask any member of our staff team to assist you in making that call.

Information & referrals

Navigating services can be daunting. If you’re unsure of where to start, Mission Righteous Roots can help. Our staff can help you identify needs and contact organizations so you have access to the right resources. We can connect you to organizations that assist with housing, food, employment, education, legal aid, financial services, and much more.

Support Groups

Whether you’re seeking support for trauma related abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, or another mental health issue, overcoming your unease and attending a support group can be a valuable step towards healing. At Righteous Roots we provide a safe place where you can get information that’s practical, constructive, and helpful. You’ll have the benefit of encouragement, and you’ll learn more about coping with your problems through shared experiences. Visit or contact our office for current available support group opportunities.

Family-Focused Services

We assist families by helping them identify needs, find solutions and share decision-making. Our Family-focused approaches recognise every family is different and we therefore adopt a broad definition of family to include extended family members and networks. Our family advocates provide social services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families and to maximize the overall family well-being.

Crisis Intervention

A crisis is defined by the person going through it. If a situation exceeds a person’s coping skills, they are in crisis. Crisis services are available to any person in the community. The goal of crisis intervention services is to take care of the immediate crisis. Services may include telephone conversations, referrals to community-based mobile services, and facility-based stabilization sites. Crisis services are time limited and may include the following:

  • Screenings
  • Assessments
  • Counseling
  • Information and referral 
  • Observation and follow-up
  • Supportive services recommendations to help prevent a future crisis

Outreach services

Righteous Roots has a speaker’s bureau and would love to come and speak to your group about domestic violence, dating violence, safe relationships, sexual assault and many other related topics

We also attend community events, organizations, health fairs, schools, etc. and enjoy having an informational booth to provide information about domestic violence and sexual assault and the free services available at Mission Righteous Roots. 

To arrange and schedule a speaker please contact our office at 254-651-3600 or Request a Speaker Here : 

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